Tailwind Tribes versus Pinterest Group Boards

Tailwind is the best Pinterest Pin Scheduling tool on the market!  In this post, I’m going to focus on Tailwind Tribes Versus Pinterest Group Boards in relation to growing your reach (not what is more ethical).  If you are new to Tailwind (or have never heard of it) read this post that talks about how I increased my monthly views by 19,000% (yes, that’s 19 thousand) in less than 2 months.  Then, get a free trial of Tailwind here.

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes - An Overview

Even though the Tailwind scheduling tool is exceptional, you’ll want to expand into Tribes if you haven’t already.

Tribes is a tool dedicated to showing off your pins to like-minded Pinners (who also use the tool).

Tailwind Tribes exist within the Tailwind world (so, within the Tailwind App).  Tailwind users join the Tribes and submit their pins for other Tribe Members to consider sharing into their own boards and group boards.

If you ever used the Like for Like system, it is a similar concept – but much better.  In the Like for Like method, you end up manually pinning and rely on mostly spammers to share your pins (which is not the best way to train the Pinterest algorithm to know who should see your content). 

Like for like systems also violate a few of the policies on platforms like Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used these before with minimal success…but I wouldn’t touch them with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot-pole (thank you, Mr. Grinch) now.

Why Tailwind Tribes

Before I explain the highly powerful benefits of Tailwind Tribes, I need to first give you a little background.

In mid 2018, Pinterest notified all users that Group Boards were going to lose their reach (though, I’ll talk about this in the Group Boards section).

Essentially, this meant that individual posts into your own boards had a better chance of visibility.  This is especially valid if you implement proper keywords from keyword research and coordinate your pins accordingly.  

Considering this shift, it was time to find a way to get your pins in front of others that would share those pins onto their own boards.  That’s where Tribes comes into play – you get in front of people who are sharing because they feel your pins match their boards and they will share!

**Some of you may be thinking that it’s worthless to have someone with a low follower count post on their own boards since it is not likely they will have visibility…but I share how that is not accurate and even show an example of a profile as proof.  You can see that in my Marketing With Pinterest Course on Lead Generation Campaign here.

So, back to why Tailwind Tribes.  The concept is simple – less work on your part to maximize visibility of your pins.  Ironically, there are plenty of people that use Tribes and Group Boards together…but that’s still a benefit!  In the following image, you will see that there is power in people repinning in Tribes.

This is just one tribe and one pin!  I picked this one because it’s a reasonable number…but the number does get bigger (much bigger)!  Ironically, my largest number so far (full disclosure, I’ve only created 10 pins in 3 Tribes and 1-2 pins in about 25 other Tribes…so I have plenty of opportunity to improve) involved Group Boards.  So, let’s talk about Pinterest Group Boards.

Pinterest Group Boards - Overview

Pinterest Group Boards live on Pinterest.  Group boards are just like regular (personal) boards, except the boards have more than one person contributing.

Pinners to Group Boards are called collaborators.  The theory with group boards (or the intention from Pinterest) was to allow collaboration between people to contribute to the same board.  A good example of this is Better Homes & Gardens.  As a business, they have multiple employees assigned to related categories and they contribute to related boards.

Unfortunately, this concept was really overlooked by most Group Boards.

Pinterest Group Boards Evolved Into This

Instead of collaboration, group boards evolved into spam boards.  That’s the nice way of saying it.  Some of the group boards are still good.  They focus on one concept (keyword) and contributors generally honor that by pinning related content.

The problem is that the good boards were really hard for people to get access to contribute.  Yet, group boards gave massive power and reach to pins.  Anyone using Pinterest Marketing seriously knew they needed to get into group boards.

Thus, the spam boards emerged.  Group boards popped up with the term “pin anything”…and people took them at their description.  Disgusting spam was now mixed in with honorable material, product pins, DIY tutorials, blog posts, and more.  This really diluted the Pinterest algorithm effectiveness.  Keeping in mind that Pinterest also introduced a “Smart Feed”, this meant that Pinterest could adapt in response to the abuse of group boards.

That is when the announcement came from Pinterest that Group Boards were losing their reach in favor of personal boards and the smart feed (which was mid 2018).

Tailwind tribe reach example

Did Group Boards Lose Effectiveness?

I am not sure I have collected enough data to fully answer this.  Instead, I’ll share the data I have collected.

In the image, you see two screenshots.  The top shows 4 different contributors (from Tribes, by the way).  The light blue means it’s a personal board while the light green with the 3 people grouped at the beginning of the board name represents a group board.

You will note that the numbers are smaller for the personal boards (yes, some people have a better personal reach and there are others that have higher reach than this example, as seen in a prior image).

You will also see that those group board reach numbers are not very impressive.

On the other hand, the bottom of the image shows 7 group boards where the pin was published. There are 7 more boards scheduled from this Pinner (thank you, lovely Pinner) and the total of 14 boards leads to potential impressions of over 250,000.  That is a nice number!

Of course, I should point out that I do not know which boards have the best reach…so if the remaining 7 do not publish- I’ll be sad.

Which One Is Better - Tailwind Tribes Or Pinterest Group Boards?

The answer is both.  In all reality, you need to use both Tribes and Pinterest Group Boards (and you also need to use Tailwind scheduling).  Of course, I’m saying this to you if you are trying hard to grow your reach and need to collect data.

If you pin manually to groups, your effectiveness in any board or on Pinterest is minimal (at least for 98% of Pinterest users because they aren’t on Pinterest all day long to pin regularly).  Tailwind scheduling helps you spread out your pinning and find your audience.  Each re-pin/share gives the algorithm another chance to build momentum for your pin.  Why waste it pinning manually into 16 groups all at one time?

Tribes is a two-punch helper.  First, when you submit your content to Tribes, you get your pins in front of prospects already!  I can’t even tell you how many cool things I have seen that I never thought of searching.  I hope that as I continue to pin to Tribes, I’ll find a couple of true fans that turn into sales later on.

Second, it helps you expand your reach significantly (over time).  Ideally, you create awesome pins that everyone wants to share. Even if you don’t quite make pins everyone wants to share (I am in a very narrow niche for one of my stores and that makes it hard to appeal to everyone), Tribes gives you an opportunity to let others help you while you help them!

Still A Benefit To Group Boards?

Ok, so we know Tribes is a benefit, but what about group boards?  As I show in the image above, there is potential reach in group boards.  Even though Pinterest has announced the intent to reduce the effectiveness of group boards, it isn’t clear on what that means.  Some group boards have good reach while others do not.  

The most active group boards are the best to get into.  If you find one in your niche that you can get into, that is a good opportunity.  For many of us, we could spend days searching through Group Boards and “applying” with very little response or return on the time investment.

Tribes, on the other hand, are a much faster method of finding related Pinners and join forces.  Most of the Tribes I have seen let you join without an application process.  Others have a request process with a minimal filter (for example, you may need to prove you have an Etsy store if you want to join an Etsy Tribe that requires Etsy-only pins).

Another Benefit of Pinterest Group Boards With Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest Group Board Closed

One thing I discuss in my Marketing With Pinterest course is that many Group Boards are difficult to gain access.  

In this image, I show you a Group Board that clearly says, “THIS BOARD IS CLOSED!”  In my attempt to join Group Boards, I have come across many of these types of boards.

There is a good chance that someone from these boards is using Tailwind and is in Tailwind Tribes!  Of course, I wouldn’t recommend tracking them down – just know that you have the potential to reach Group Boards you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

That’s also not to mention that there are TONS of Group Boards. You can always try some of the spammy ones and if they don’t work out – leave them.

Potential Limits on Pins

While I was doing research, I came across a blog post that really bashed Group Boards.  Even though she made some good points, I’m not going to link the source because some of the information is inaccurate or outdated (and that seems mean for me to point you to bad info).

One point she made was that lots of pinning is bad because there is a limit to the number of pins for an account.  Linking back to Pinterest here for the reference, it is important to note that the page specifically says “for personal accounts”.  If you have followed my guidance and created a BUSINESS account, this may not (or it might, it’s not clear) apply to you.

Still, there are also options for deleting pins.  If you’re getting close to 200,000 pins, just go back and delete all the non-performing pins!  I’m not going to worry about it until I reach 150,000 pins (which is more than a couple of years away).

What About The Future Of Group Boards?

Based on Pinterest’s announcement of reducing Group Board reach, I anticipate this will eventually go away to some degree.

Clearly, some group boards are VERY popular and Pinterest wouldn’t want to touch those.

Instead, it is likely that Pinterest will implement requirements for collaborators and restrictions on the types of Group Boards.

They may call them something different and shift high performing boards to a new category.

Until then, you should consider Group Boards (though, if you are limited on time- focus on Tribes).  If you are using Tailwind and taking advantage of Tribes – your pins are going into Group Boards anyway!

Tailwind Tribes, Pinterest Group Boards, and Reach

Even though I focused on Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest Group Boards, it is critical to note (so, hopefully you read this far) that there are several other elements to improving pin reach. 

I can’t cover them all in a blog post, but I’ve got you covered with my Marketing With Pinterest Course.  Did I happen to mention that the course is currently free?  I’m such a fan of Pinterest Marketing that I want to share my course for free while I continue to test and grow my own account.

I’ve had several business accounts over the years, and I’ve had luck with eCommerce on Pinterest (and I really didn’t do anything).  I personally know the value of Pinterest.  I’ve shifted to focus on building one Pinterest account to promote my core businesses.  I even started this very website from scratch to prove it can be done!

If you want to get all the tips for building your Pinterest account, sing up for my Free Marketing With Pinterest Course (and there are a couple of other free bonus courses included).  Really, it’s free for now…and nothing to upsell!

Not ready to dive into a course, but still want to ask questions?  Join like minded digital marketers in our Facebook Group (Lead Generation Source) by clicking here.

My Recent Pinterest Progress Update

To share my most recent update and some of the things I am currently testing, I created a video!  Even if you’ve never seen my prior videos, you can still get some pointers and information from the video.  Take a look!

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