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I started this site as a way to share other random reviews. Other sites where you can find my content include Littlebizresources.com (tips, tools, and reviews for small business), Leadgenerationsource.com (this is where the DIY marketers can get some excellent training), and ArlingtonSEOServices.com (my digital marketing agency). Chatty review brings you additional information beyond those topics. As a wife and a mother of a young child that I homeschool, I constantly look for tips to help you! As I scour and test out various tips, tricks, products, and other resources, I'll share them here! Sometimes, I'll share information that crosses into the other sections. In those cases, I will simplify life and generally combine or repeat the review here! Many of my reviews will include affiliate links - as a homeschooling mom (of a child with unique medical needs), I use any proceeds to help our household. *Affilliate links do not increase the cost to you, it just passes a percentage on to me kind of like a referral fee!