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Chatty Review

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Home and Kitchen Product Reviews

Help for Home

Making things easier at home is a priority in our household! Anything that helps us capture some of our life and let us spend time with each other is #1 on our list of items to review!

health and life balance

Improving Health

Yes, weight loss and dieting will fall into this category, but it’s more than that. It’s about balancing health with life! It’s little things that can help improve our health that make a difference. I will share everything health related.


Hobbies let us connect with like-minded individuals, or enjoy time with our self. This is a broad category, but I will bring in reviews of resources to get started on a hobby.

crafts and arts reviews

Crafts & Arts

No homeschooling mom can escape crafts and arts (yes, I said that backwards for a reason). The emphasis is on crafts and less on “arts”, but I will include both in this review category.

make money and work from home reviews

Make Money-Work From Home

For me, these two categories fit perfectly. Everything I feature for how to make money will focus on something you can do at home! I’ve even written some books and when I write more, I’ll share them here!

miscellaneous reviews

Plenty of Other Stuff

I’ve featured the top categories for you so far, but I will have lots of other reviews as I come across awesome stuff, resources, or strategies.