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3 Super Easy & Free Keyword Research Resources

Like Google and YouTube, Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE.  If you want people to find your pins, you need to match your pin titles and descriptions to what they are searching.  These 3 easy and free keyword research resources will help you improve your pin reach!

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1. Pinterest For Keyword Research

Believe it or not, you can do a great deal of keyword research on the Pinterest platform.

Don’t stop with just Pinterest, you’ll miss out on fine-tuning relevant terms!

Keyword research on Pinterest is quite easy.  You start with your core terminology and type it into the search at the top.

Before you press enter, see what Pinterest recommends in the topics that drop down.

Then, after you press enter – you’ll see additional words in the boxes below the search bar.

Each one of those boxes are words to add on to your core terminology, and when you click on each one of those…you can get even more!

Make a list of all the ones related to your blog posts or products, then use them in your title, description, and hashtags!


2. Keywords Everywhere Extension

If you haven’t heard of the keywords everywhere extension, you’re missing out!

This extension is available for the Chrome browser and Firefox browser.  It’s free and pulls search volume for keywords!

If you monetize a blog with ads, this is a great way to find out what keywords are also worth blogging about!

Once installed, it’s simple to use.  You just type a base concept into the search bar like you normally would and Keywords Everywhere will provide lots of information.

Related keywords pulls from Google anyway, but the “people also search for” section is unique to this resource!  Get similar keyword ideas or just other ideas in general.

To get more great tips and DETAILED video instruction to help you maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts, check out my Marketing with Pinterest Course HERE.

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To get more great tips and DETAILED video instruction to help you maximize your Pinterest marketing efforts, check out my Marketing with Pinterest Course HERE.

Get Keywords Everywhere Here

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3. Keyword Shitter (I didn't name it)

Yes, that is the real name of the site!  No, I had nothing to do with the name.

Basically, this resource will spit (yep, I changed a letter to make it cleaner) out keywords based on your core keyword.

I love this resource for a variety of reasons, but keyword research and topic ideas are my two main reasons for using this.

Even better is when you have installed Keywords Everywhere and then let Keyword Shitter run…and then you get to pick out all the keywords and phrases that actually have search volume.

You can see how easy it is in the video!

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