How To Create Vertical Video Pins For Pinterest

Video is here to stay – and Pinterest has hopped on board the video marketing bandwagon!  Since Pins on Pinterest perform better if they are vertical, is there an easy method to create vertical videos?  There is!  Keep reading and I’ll tell you my secret to easy vertical video creation.

Vertical Video Pins For Pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest or Pinterest Marketing, you may not have even realized you could post videos as pins.

Over the last few years, Pinterest has tested a variety of pin sizes and formats.  In the last year or so, Pinterest settled on the vertical pin as the ideal format.

Making a vertical image pin is relatively easy to do (even with free tools like Canva) but how can you make a vertical VIDEO pin?

Introducing Storymate

I guess it’s not really an “introduction” since it was released early in 2019, but most people do not realize the power behind this little tool.  It has pros and cons, but if you are looking for something to quickly create a 15 second VERTICAL video – this does the trick!

One significant benefit of the tool is that you can also use it for Instagram (since that was what it was originally made for).  You can create stories for Instagram AND post the video as a Pinterest VERTICAL video pin.

It really is a simple to use tool, but for those who are completely new or just not sure how you can use it for Pinterest I will share how I created the video pins on this page.

If you’re ready to get more info on Storymate (the sales page focuses on Instagram, but I show you how to use it with Pinterest in this post and as part of the bonuses when you purchase through my link), click here.

Pixabay Video example

Finding Digital Assets (aka video)

I am the first to confess that I’m not the most creative of people.

I’m definitely more creative than some, but I am more about HOW to do something instead of creatively doing it.

Thankfully, there is a great (free) resource you can use to get images or video for your Storymate templates.

I go to Pixabay.  It’s a great resource for both images AND video.  I found 3 videos on Pixabay and used them to create the tip vertical video pin on this page.

You can also search for great images for the templates that use images.

How to Use StoryMate for Pinterest

Step 1. Select A Template

After you log into StoryMate (Storie once you get in), you select from the included templates.

I picked the bottom left (as a disclaimer, I purchased this during Beta, so I may have different templates than what you have upon purchase).

Something you will consider as part of the “upsell” process is the potential to join the template club.

Keep in mind you will have templates included, and you really have unlimited options when you consider you change the images and video assets.

If you are one that is dedicated to both Instagram and Pinterest, the template club will come in handy – but if you are strapped for cash, don’t worry about the template club!  You have plenty to get lots of vertical videos (for both Instagram and Pinterest).

Storymate step 1
Storymate step 2

Step 2. Upload Your Assets

This single page will guide you through the entire creation.  For this template, I had 3 video clips and added text into 6 boxes to match the template.

The video elements will capture the first 3-5 seconds of the clip.  Most of the clips on Pixabay are about 15 seconds, so keep an eye on what is in the first few seconds.  It will also cut off the sides, so go for video clips with objects centered.

The text sections for this template allow about 16 characters.  That means you need to keep it brief!

Since the software was intended for Instagram Stories, it will ONLY create videos that are a maximum of 15 seconds long.  That’s ok though!  A somewhat recent study showed the average attention span is about 8 seconds.  You have plenty of time with a 15 second video.

To further brand or customize, you can change the text color and the background color!

Step 3. Render Your Video Then Download

Once you hit the “next” button, the web-based software will begin to create your video (this is called “render”).  

It will take a few minutes, then you will get the download option.

Download the video to your computer and upload it as a video pin!

It’s really that simple.

Now, with that said – if you are super creative, you’ll probably get a bit frustrated.  You are limited to the way the templates work.

This tool really is perfect for creating quick vertical videos.

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