How To Start An ECommerce Business For Free

If someone is trying to sell you access to start your own ecommerce business, they better offer a lot.  You can get started selling your own items absolutely free!  This information comes from LittleBizResources and Lead Generation Source.

Ecommerce is a fun idea

ECommerce Is A Fun Idea

Most people, when they think of eCommerce, they think they can find fun products that sell well and then sell them!

The problem is that traditional entry into eCommerce had significant challenges:

  • Significant initial investment to buy inventory
  • You need to store the inventory
  • You need to manage the inventory
  • You need to ship the inventory

Most people do not have the initial money for the inventory, let alone the ability to store, manage and ship the inventory.

Solution #1 - Dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you sell the product to your customer, but you have a supplier that packages and ships the item to your customer for you.

This eliminated the up-front costs as well as the need to store, manage, and ship the inventory.

Yet, to keep prices low enough, many dropshippers turned to China Suppliers.  As the dropshipping method became more popular, the market was quickly saturated with the EXACT same products.

Another problem dropshippers faced was delays in delivery.  Shipments from China would take 2-8+ weeks for most countries.  Seasonal deliveries (like Christmas) were simply out of the question – you just couldn’t get products to customers in time.

what kind of ecommerce model

What Kind of Model?

How exactly do we compete with these big companies that have deep advertising pockets and reach the market before we do?

How do we find a model that is like dropshipping – so we don’t have the initial investment for inventory and we don’t have to store, manage, and ship the products?

The Perfect Opportunity?

An eCommerce model as emerged that quite possibly might be the perfect opportunity!

This model lets you create UNIQUE items, without having any up front costs.

Not only that, but your suppliers still store, manage, and ship your items – just like dropshipping!

is it the perfect opportunity

The "Print On Demand" Model

This is a hybrid model where YOU design unique products and your supplier will make the item, then ship it to your customer.

Your supplier only charges you AFTER you have sold the item (and collected payment) from the customer!

The overall process is simple and there are literally endless possibilities in the products you can offer!

Print On Demand Example

Step 1 – Sign up to a marketplace or create a website to list products. (You can sign up for a free guide here to get info on how to do this for free and without a website.)

Step 2 – Sign up with a Print On Demand Company. (That free guide will tell you the best free option.)

Step 3 – Create your products! (Tips in the free guide to help you get started.)

Step 4 – List your products for sale! (This is linked to step 1.)

Step 5 – Collect the money from your sales!

Help Getting Started

Even though getting started with the Print on Demand model is not difficult, it can be overwhelming when you try to learn each step on your own.

To help you get started, you can get a FREE GUIDE on How to Start An ECommerce Business For Free.  It uses the Print on Demand model and walks you through all of the steps.  

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